Doctors have found that some women cannot become pregnant because they are allergic to their husbands’ sperm. A blood test can determine just how allergic the woman is. In some cases, if the husband uses a condom during sex for a few weeks, the allergy will subside. When unprotected sex is resumed, the woman can become pregnant. The researchers involved say that sperm allergy could be the cause of many cases of unexplained fertility.


An occasional sleepless night is nothing to worry about. But nothing saps your energy like night after night of insomnia. If you frequently lie in bed for hours, unable to fall asleep – or wake up early and can’t fall back to sleep – you’re going to feel tired and frazzled. Short daytime naps to ‘catch up’ aren’t always practical, and they can actually prolong the problem.

Asthma, hay fever or any other allergy-related discomforts can keep you awake, and controlling those problems will probably help you sleep better. But insomnia may also be a separate allergic reaction to a food or inhalant eaten or inhaled a few hours before bedtime. Anything to which you’re allergic can give your brain unsolicited wake-up calls – or prevent you from nodding off in the first place.

If you’ve tried all the sleep-inducing tricks in the book and still find yourself wide awake at night – no matter how tired you are – it may be time for you to consider allergy as a cause.

Anyone with insomnia should also avoid coffee, tea, cola and cigarettes, which act as stimulants for most people, as well as alcohol, which disturbs sleep patterns.


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