In accordance with the laws of nature, we may presume that in fifty years from now the Amazon Indians will no longer die from measles, since by then they will have developed the immunity which we already have. As long as the Indians retain their traditional lifestyle and can avoid the detrimental effects of an ever-encroaching civilisation, they will not have to worry about many of our other so-called ‘diseases of civilisation’ either. The number of deaths resulting from gout, diabetes, obesity, cancer and multiple sclerosis will continue to be negligible among the Indian tribes of the Amazon.

Physicians, biologists and nutritionists who are aware of these dangers advocate a return to a natural way of life and to eating natural wholefoods as a protection against modern diseases. Like a voice crying in the wilderness, they sound the alarm again and again, appealing to us to change our life-style to a more natural one. Notable among them was the late Dr Joseph Evers, who treated thousands of people suffering from multiple sclerosis. They all hoped to find some relief from their hard lot in life. Nonetheless, it would be better to do something about preventing the illness rather than painfully trying to overcome it, because in spite of every effort made and care given, a cure is not always guaranteed. Krankheitsgeschehens (Changes in the Development of Disease), which is published by Karl-Haug-Verlag, is so impressive that even a healthy person, after reading it, will change his life-style and diet without delay and almost subconsciously. Any reasonable person reading the book will take note of the clear and logical arguments presented by this experienced researcher. Dr Evers proves to the reader that nature has a greater share in increasing our life span than the achievements of orthodox medicine.